Siemens releases Syngo.via
Siemens Healthcare released its newest project, Syngo.via, a software solution that automates case preparation, integrates imaging modalities and pre-existing solutions and consistently updates customers.

“Our goal is to address the challenge and to unleash the power of imaging and bring modern imaging everywhere, every time,” said Arthur Kaindl, MD, CEO of imaging and knowledge management business unit at Siemens.

Syngo.via, according to Kaindl, prepares cases for reading and provides disease-specific guidance in a structured, step-by-step procedure for physicians. Additionally, Syngo.via pre-fetches previous exams from archives and ranks the severity of the findings.

A Findings Navigator feature transfers actual data measurements to Syngo.via's structured report, according to Kaindl. Also, he said its client-server system allows Syngo.via data to be accessed from RIS/PACS or anywhere else.

Other features for Syngo.via include the transfer of patient and user name information, providing a single click synopsis evaluation, a dual monitor and “drag-and-drop” features from prior images into the Navigator.

The solution advances administrative procedures, according to Siemens, as it streamlines licensing applications and administrative overhead while reducing standalone advanced workstations.

Syngo.via is currently 510(k) approved, although that is not true of all of its applications.