Voice Recognition

Voice and speech recognition software vendors embraced the term 'real-time' at this year's RSNA, highlighting systems that efficiently and accurately convert voice to text and improve report turaround time and increase productivity.

Commissure introduced its RadWhere Suite and RadPort Suite. The RadWhere Suite features a real-time speech reporting component, real-time auto structuring and can analyze radiology reports and code them with ICD9 codes. The RadPort Suite focuses on assisting referring clinicians in ordering radiology exams and accessing multi-media results.

Crescendo showcased the MD Center-XL with Speech Processing, a new author correction module powered by SpeechMagic from Philips. The application is best suited for environments such as radiology, pathology and ER.

Dictaphone Corp. debuted the PowerMicII microphone that combines dictation and review functions with Microsoft Windows mouse capabilities to support physicians who are dictating and self-correcting reports. It is designed for healthcare providers using Dictaphone's Enterprise and PowerScribe workstations.

MedQuist highlighted SpeechQ for Radiology. Radiologists use the product's front-end speech recognition capability to dictate, edit and electronically sign a report in one session. Editing the recognized text automatically updates each physician's speech recognition profile, improving speech recognition accuracy.

Nuance Communications, formerly ScanSoft Inc., used RSNA to demonstrate Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 8 that converts speech into text at up to 160 words per minute and offers a new roaming user interface to dictate on-the-go. Nuance also showcased the Dragon MT Workflow System, a scalable, HIPAA compliant, web-based platform for transcription processing.

Philips Speech Recognition Systems featured its Philips SpeechMagic technology that supports up to 23 languages and integrates Intelligent Speech Interpretation (ISI) technology. The company also announced the release of SpeechMagic for Citrix. By adding bi-directional audio capabilities, Citrix enabled the digital recordings to be uploaded and Philips developed a real-time speech recognition channel.

Provox at RSNA announced the availability of VoxSDK that combines speech recognition, word processing, command and control, device management, text-to-speech, voice model management, and SmartMacros in one development kit.

WinScribe showcased its digital dictation workflow system. WinScribe is an integrated system for dictation, transcription and dictation workflow management. The technology provides anytime document creation, with flexibility for telephone, PC, internet, handheld recorder and modern PDA dictation.