BioServe, Protein Biotechnologies develop microarray for breast cancer
BioServe and Protein Biotechnologies have created SomaPlex Reverse Phase Protein Microarray that profiles protein expression in serum collected from human breast cancer patients.

SomaPlex Reverse Phase Protein Microarray combines serum samples from Beltsville, Maryland-based BioServe's global biorepository with the custom microarray expertise of Ramona, California-based Protein Biotechnologies.

The microarray utilizes an antibody directed against a protein target to determine protein expression and can be adapted to other protein-specific probes, such as labeled peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, or drugs/ligands and responds to the demand for a high-throughput research tool to profile protein expression in breast serum.

A range of detection systems can be employed for visualization of the resulting antibody binding, including color development,  chemiluminescence and fluorescence. The captured image is subsequently processed and analyzed using commercially available, high-resolution scanners or instruments equipped with a charged coupled device camera.

BioServe and Protein Biotechnologies will co-market the SomaPlex Reverse Phase Protein Microarray to industry, academic, and government research organizations.