Chalk River reactor prepares for the final repair
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) has reported that work continues on qualifying the welders to perform the complex weld techniques on the final repair site of Chalk River, Ontario-based National Research Universal (NRU) reactor.

AECL said that 71 percent of the weld repairs and associated non-destructive examinations have been completed and the repair team will next apply plates and both horizontal and vertical welds to the repair site.

AECL’s return-to-service project director Dave Cox said that the NRU repair team is performing training and reliability testing on the NRU reactor mock-ups in preparation of performing the final repair to the vessel.

It is estimated that NRU will resume isotope production by the end of July. Further guidance on the return-to-service date will be provided when more information becomes available, said AECL.