Dilon debuts collimators for nuc med, breast imaging

Dilon Technologies has released two new collimators, the Slant15 Collimator for breast imaging and the Low Energy High-Resolution (LEHR) Collimator, as attachment options for its 6800 Gamma Camera.

The Slant15 Collimator is a 15-degree slant parallel-hole collimator that minimizes the dead space along the edge of the detector, allowing better visualization of the chest wall in breast imaging according to the Newport News, Va.-based company.

The LEHR collimator is a high-resolution collimator for general nuclear medicine applications, including thyroid imaging, parathyroid imaging, sentinel node imaging, spot bone imaging, gall bladder ejection and pediatric imaging studies, Dilon said.

"With the release of these new collimators, we are expanding breast imaging and general nuclear applications for the Dilon 6800 Gamma," said Bob Moussa, president and CEO of Dilon.