ECR News from Agfa, Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Philips, Vital Images
Agfa HealthCare is highlighting an assortment of technologies at the European Congress of Radiology 2007 in Vienna, Austria this week, including:
  • The introduction of the DRYSTAR AXYS tabletop imager, a centralized hardcopy system designed to fit a full range of applications including mammography, CT, MRI, and CR. The DRYSTAR AXYS offers an image resolution of 508 dpi, and with its very short access time, delivers the five first prints extremely quickly.  The product will be available for sale in Q4 2007;

  • Enhancements to IMPAX 6 PACS with new clinical applications developed for specialized areas such as virtual colonoscopy, nuclear medicine, registration and fusion and orthopaedics; the IMPAX Virtual Colonoscopy is a non-invasive procedure for visualization of endoscopic views of the colon and an extremely patient-friendly alternative to conventional endoscopy, as it does not require the use of a colonoscope. The IMPAX Nuclear Medicine review solution includes integrated MPR/MIP (multi-planar reformatting/maximum intensity projection) functions for volumetric data, calculation of SUV (standardized uptake values) and region of interest tools. It displays clinically-relevant PET, CT, MR and SPECT DICOM image data. Also, introduced the IMPAX Orthopaedic Suite, a variety of orthopaedic software including a new spine planning module for orthopaedic surgeons and an improved trauma planning module as well as a new software tool to simplify complex orthopaedic measurements;

  • As a work-in-progress, Agfa demonstrated its IMPAX Registration and Fusion, part of the Advanced Clinical Applications suite of IMPAX. The software will allow for single modality registration for follow up studies (CT/CT, MR/MR), multi-modality fusion for anatomical studies (CT/MR) or a combination of anatomical and physiological studies (tracers in PET images). The solution will be suited for non-invasive diagnosis and surgical treatment planning.

Imaging Diagnostic Systems is exhibiting its new CT Laser Mammography (CTLM) clinical cases at ECR 2007. The CTLM(R) system is a new continuous wave laser breast imaging system that can create 3-D images of the breast. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and does not expose the patient to radiation or require breast compression. In the U.S., Imaging Diagnostic Systems is seeking FDA pre-market approval for the CTLM system to be used as an adjunct to mammography.

Royal Philips Electronics is demonstrating at ECR the latest release of iSite PACS, which integrates patient information from across the radiology department.  Philips also showcased a range of advanced technologies for the first time in Europe, including Philips GEMINI TF combined PET/CT system, Philips Essenta DR digital radiography system, Philips xLNA computer-aided detection (CAD) software, Philips MX 4000/6000 Dual CT, the latest version of the Philips CT Brilliance Everywhere extended workspace, Philips Achieva 3.0T X-series and Philips XperGuide Live 3D guidance tools.

iSite PACS 4.0 adds advanced visualization technology that can utilize existing infrastructure to bring transparent access for any healthcare professional concerned with patient care to multiplanar reformation (MPR), maximum-intensity projection (MIP) and advanced 3D volume visualization. The solution employs an efficient transmission technology, distributing medical images and image reconstructions in under three seconds.

Its 'pay-per-study' business model fits customer needs, where customers pay on a monthly basis to view, distribute and archive medical images rather than buying a PACS system up front. This business model has proven to be very beneficial for the user. The model guarantees performance and uptime commitments, up to a level of 99.99 percent, Philips said.

Philips also presented its:
  • PET/CT hybrid scanners with the new GEMINI TF 64-channel configuration. The system extracts the true benefits of time-of-flight imaging by enhancing small lesion detectability, shortening scan times, reducing patient dose and delivering exceptional image quality in oncology, cardiology, neurology and molecular imaging;

  • The Essenta DR system, a multi-purpose digital radiography system that has been specifically designed for private practices and smaller hospitals;

  • The xLNA Enterprise 2.0, a computer-aided detection (CAD) software that helps physicians visualize, identify, evaluate and report pulmonary lesions and nodules in digital radiographic chest images;

  • The MX 4000/6000 Dual CT with a more affordable price point for a hospital or clinic; and

  • Shown for the first time in Europe, the Extended Brilliance Workspace (EBW) release 3.5 has now been improved with an optional Brilliance Everywhere solution that delivers full viewing and 3D volumetric imaging as well as cardiac, vascular, stroke, colon and lung applications to any iSite PACS workstation, EBW CT workstation or even off-site.

Vital Images Europe, B.V. is showcasing 'the ViTAL Community' at ECR conference this week in Vienna. The ViTAL Community highlights the Company's commitment to relationships through its comprehensive solutions featuring Vitrea(R) software, Web-based ViTALConnect(R), VitreaACCESS(TM), and education through ViTAL U and its maintenance and services program, ViTALPerformance(R). ECR enables the company to share 'The Vital Community' with the broader European market.