GE introduces 3C imaging for SPECT/CT
GE Healthcare has launched new software applications to expand the capabilities of its SPECT/CT product: Infinia Hawkeye 4, offered as Volumetrix Suite, which are on display June 14-18 at the meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) in New Orleans.

“Volumetrix 3D produces integrated, 3D-fused images within the nuclear medicine workflow, offering more clarity for more intuitive and faster interpretation,” said Gene Saragnese, vice president and general manager, molecular imaging for GE. “Volumetrix IR offers clinicians the choice of virtually any CT to view registered to SPECT and PET data, together with automatic registration and easy export options. This combination offers clinicians outstanding convenience, capability and value.”

Volumetrix 3D benefits the clinician by offering improved clarity: helping to manage large amounts of data more effectively by providing an accurate, interactive, 3D-rendered fused image of the entire nuclear medicine study, GE said. Volumetrix 3D’s segmentation tools can help improve diagnostic accuracy by easily removing obstructions surrounding lesions and other areas of interest.

GE said its Volumetrix 3D also offers a clip and cut planes feature, which allows the anatomy to be ‘virtually sliced’ to show the underlying cross-section of the CT, nuclear or fused slices. The software presents a visual abstract of the exam for use by the referring physician or surgeon.

Volumetrix IR offers clinicians the choice of registering any CT to the Infinia SPECT data, within the nuclear medicine workflow, eliminating the need for redundant full-dose CT exam during a SPECT acquisition by using the Hawkeye CT as a guide to register an external CT to the Infinia SPECT data, GE said.