MDS Nordion to produce F-18 FDG in Belgium
MDS Nordion, a provider of medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, is opening a facility in Fleurus, Belgium, for the production of the PET imaging tracer fluorodeoxyglucose (F-18 FDG).

The new facility will provide a supply of F-18 FDG to hospitals in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, according to Steve West, president of MDS.

"Our investment in this facility further demonstrates our commitment to address the growing demand for PET diagnostic imaging in targeted European regions, and provides the medical community greater service for their future patient care," West said.

Statistics from a recent Medical Options survey indicate that PET exams are seeing rapid growth in Europe, and are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of approximately 20 percent through 2012. To help meet the demand, the production facility will have three daily production runs and a 24/7 customer service team available, according to the Ottawa, Canada-based company.