Naviscan nabs Florida oncology center PEM install
First Coast Oncology in Jacksonville, Fla., has added a Naviscan PEM (Positron Emission Mammography) scanner and will use both a PEM scanner and the AccuBoost image guided breast irradiation procedure for breast cancer therapy.

According to San Diego-based Naviscan, physicians will be able to better visualize the region of interest prior to deploying the AccuBoost system, a technique for whole-breast irradiation using PEM. The Naviscan PEM scanner uses PET technology to produce high-resolution tomographic images at 2 mm resolution, allowing physicians to visualize breast tumors.

The scanner is the size of a mammography unit and consists of two high-resolution detector heads which are placed in close proximity to the breast. Compared to the higher-force compression necessary for mammography, the Naviscan PEM scanner uses gentle breast immobilization, according to the company.