New Dutch nuclear reactor gets 'positive' push forward
The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation has announced that the government's cabinet views the realization of a new PALLAS nuclear reactor "postively," which is an "important condition for further progress on the PALLAS project," according to a statement from the Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group (NRG).

NRG director Rob Stol is reportedly "delighted" with the support from the Cabinet and North Holland province. “The building of PALLAS and the investment in the Higher Education Reactor in Delft are superb reinforcements to the Netherlands’ nuclear knowledge infrastructure. ... NRG, and thus the Netherlands, has an extremely strong position in the world market for medical isotopes and nuclear technology research. With the coming of PALLAS, we will be able to maintain and expand this position."
Paul de Jong, PALLAS project director, said, “The PALLAS project team has worked hard during the last three years on the preparation for implementing the PALLAS project. This decision means that we can continue with the next project phase.”

In recent months, the details of the PALLAS project have been studied in The Hague. A departure point is that PALLAS’s financing costs will ultimately be paid back fully from future income from the private and public market (medical and industrial isotopes, as well as nuclear technology research), according to NRG and PALLAS. At present, a financial model is being sought by NRG/PALLAS together with North Holland province and Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation.

The PALLAS project team will soon start formally on the European call for tenders and the licensing and permits process.