NovaRads new PACS software supports PET/CT fusion
NovaRad's latest version of its NovaPACS software offers support for PET/CT fusion, allowing radiologists to view PET/ CT studies within the PACS.

NovaPACS users can send studies to the PACS, which will then display those images in CT, PET and PET/CT-fused series. Radiologists can manipulate and work with any modality or combinations of modalities to make diagnoses for patients, said the American Fork, Utah-based company. 

Additional enhancements in this latest version of NovaPACS enables assigning of critical values to a given image, study or series. The markings within the image, series and/or study also contain contact information on how the referring physician or facility has been contacted. A report on the critical findings can then be run for compliance and for follow-up contact to the referring physician, added NovaRad.