PETLinQ to debut Web-based PET/CT fusion viewer at SNM
PETLinQ, a radiology solutions provider, will unveil its SoftStationWeb, a secure thin-client Web-based application for viewing full PET/CT data sets with fused images, at the upcoming SNM conference in Toronto, June 13-17.

With SoftStationWeb, referring physicians can have access to reports and view full PET/CT studies through their own referring physician portal, requiring only a secure password and login, requiring no downloading, according to the Washington, D.C.-based company.

The referring physicians can have access to SUV/HU, axial, sagittal, coronal data, triangulation, zooming, fusion blend and other tools without the need to download large data sets or client side software. Automated text messages can be sent to the portals directly as reports are made available for review. Even patients can have the ability via SoftStationWeb to access their private patient portal to view reports, images, status updates from their physicians, schedule their appointments online and pay their bills through the PETLinQ patient portal.