Report: Targeted MRI, agents would increase utilization
Targeted MRI imaging could dramatically improve demand for imaging procedures, and if the type of targeted agents available for SPECT were applied to MRI and ultrasound in a clinical setting, the global market for contrast agents would increase dramatically, according to a report by life science market research group Kalorama Information.

The development of a more targeted MRI technology that can be directed to specific molecular entities could expand the range of MRI market applications by combining the noninvasiveness and high spatial resolution of MRI with the specific localization of molecular targets, according to the report.

While there are no targeted MRI contrast agents available for specific imaging of tumor and cardiovascular diseases, MRI applications currently under development could promote the use of imaging for the detection of tumors and heart disease, the report predicted.

The 2010 market for all contrast media is estimated at over $7.5 billion, determined the report, citing reasonable growth rates based on existing market conditions. However, targeting agent trends could substantially increase revenue potential for companies in this industry, Kalorama offered.

“The application and versatility of medical imaging modalities are continuing to grow in significance as the population ages and healthcare costs rise,” stated the report. “Exams that can facilitate earlier disease diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment are in order [and] this bodes well for contrast media markets.”