SNM: Philips rolls out new, updated nuc med cameras, software
Philips Healthcare introduced its BrightView X SPECT,  BrightView XCT SPECT/CT, a new nuclear medicine application suite on its Extended Brilliance Workstation and a third-generation Time-of-flight PET scanner at the 2009 SNM meeting this week in Toronto.

The BrightView XCT uses a co-planar design that allows the acquisition of SPECT and CT with minimal table movement between scans, according to the company.

Launched at the show this year, BrightView X is a scalable version of the BrightView XCT. Philips said that the mid-level SPECT camera allows customers the flexibility to purchase SPECT and add CT later. The transition involves an upgrade without a change to the room size or power requirements.

Philips also introduced a third-generation Time-of-Flight platform for oncology on its Gemini TF PET/CT. Time-of-flight technology measures the time difference between the detection of coincident gamma rays for more accurate localization. The company said its PET/CT scanner "breaks the 500 Pico-second barrier with the speed to measure a photon within seven centimeters."