SNM updates nuclear medicine technologist scope of practice
The SNM Technologist Section (SNMTS) published an updated version of its “Scope of Practice for the Nuclear Medicine Technologist 2007” in the September issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. The update primarily focused on public protection and the evolving nature of technology and science, as well as an expanded definition of a technologist’s procedures and processes in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

“The scope of practice for nuclear medicine technologists now includes performing CT scans and administering contrast—with appropriate education—as well as in-vitro testing and transmission imaging,” noted David Gilmore, SNMTS president. The scope includes parameters for patient care, quality control, diagnostic procedures, radiopharmaceuticals, radionuclide therapy and radiation safety, according to the publication.

The document will receive regular review for consistency with current knowledge and practice, Gilmore said, and aid states in defining licensure and hospitals and clinics in approving job descriptions.

The SNMTS scope of practice, updated from a 2001 version, is not intended to modify or alter existing tort law; rather, it should serve as a concise outline of nuclear medicine technologist skills and responsibilities, added Gilmore.