Swiss hospital taps Ziosoft for functional analytics; adds CAD
University Hospital Zurich has installed the Ziostation supercomputing functional analytics system from Ziosoft.

The system will provide a 2D/4D imaging analytic system for multi-modality clinical applications needs, replacing several existing single modality workstations from a variety of vendors at the hospital.

Ziosoft said its technology is based on an open-standard architecture that can be applied to DICOM-based imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, PET and ultrasound. This also allows developers to take advantage of hardware advances and provide access to data across the enterprise regardless of modality.

The hospital also recently added Medicsight’s—a partner of Ziosoft—ColonCAD API. This technology is designed to assist radiologists during their review of CT colonography images by automatically highlighting potential colorectal polyps on the CT image.