Varian releases NMR suite
Varian Medical Systems has released a suite of hardware and software products for its 400-MR nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system. The new suite is comprised of its OneNMR probe, a choice of two autosamplers, and a software package.

The 400 MHz OneNMRprobe combines both direct (carbon) and indirect (proton) detection in a single multi-use probe. The probe is available in two versions. One version can be tuned manually or automatically with the firm's ProTune technology; the second version incorporates a piezoelectric (Protune-PZT) tuning module.

The 7510-AS (12-sample) and 7600-AS (96-sample) autosamplers increase system efficiency by eliminating idle time between runs and enable unattended operation, according to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company.

The company's VnmrJ 3.0 software drives the system and is designed for multi-user, walk-up and high-throughput customers. With its sample-centric data management structure, the package provides for queuing of multiple samples yet provides the flexibility for interrupting operation in the case of priority samples, Varian said.