Nucletron, BrachySolutions team for brachytherapy therapies
Nucletron, a radiation oncology company, has formed a partnership with BrachySolutions, a breast brachytherapy company, to merge and co-market their high dose rate brachytherapy technologies.

Through the partnership, the companies said that radiation oncology centers in North America will have access to a team of brachytherapy experts available to assist centers in adapting brachytherapy technologies. Both companies also plan to leverage the deployment of Oncentra Brachy, a DICOM-compatible treatment planning solution for brachytherapy, recently launched by Nucletron.

“We believe that our partnership with BrachySolutions will enable our customers to accelerate their transition to 3D volumetric treatment planning and provide their patients with a complete set of APBI [accelerated partial breast irradiation] treatment options," said Bill Dowd, vice president of North America with Nucletron.”

The Columbia, Md.-based Nucletron and the Madison, Wis.-based BrachySolutions said they plan to initiate projects and joint marketing programs that incorporate the capabilities of both companies.