ACC: Fuji highlights Synapse 3D, structured reporting

Fujifilm showcased Synapse 3D and released Intelligent Structured Reporting (ISR) technology at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, held in New Orleans.

The Synapse 3D suite of clinical applications integrates directly into Synapse Cardiovascular, Fujifilm’s CVIS/C-PACS. Applications include CT coronary angiography, CT and MR cardiac function analysis, calcium scoring and cardiac fusion, allowing fusion of PET, MR, CT, SPECT, CT Function or MR function. Synapse 3D is available from within the Synapse Cardiovascular application at any workstation where other Synapse products are in use, Fuji said.

Intelligent Structured Reporting (ISR) technology, a software decision support system, incorporates a toolset that ties echo measurement data and clinical statements to a comparative knowledge base. The software provides the ability to monitor input echo measurements in real-time, warn the user of inconsistencies and automatically complete an echocardiography report based on absolute and inferred data. The application also suggests further areas of evaluation based on clinical findings and outlines a treatment consideration for the patient, Fuji shared.