Advanced Imaging equips ultrasound for image-guided biopsy
Advanced Imaging Technologies has equipped its FDA-approved ARIA breast imaging system (BIS), a real-time, through-wave ultrasound imaging system, for image-guided biopsy. 

The Richland, Wash.-based company said that its BIS effectively penetrates dense tissue, is automated with whole-breast presentation capabilities and provides high spatial and contrast resolution. The system is PACS/DICOM compliant and features a flexible workstation that interfaces with multiple imaging and reporting systems, according to Advanced Imaging.

"Our technology has proven to have superior spatial and contrast resolution, especially in dense tissue," said Jeanette Griscavage-Ennis, PhD, manager, clinical applications. "The data we capture is saturated with critical information that is important for diagnostic procedures such as biopsy.  Our real-time, image-guidance capabilities provide physicians with precision for improved biopsy accuracy."