Advanced Viz Adds a Whole New Dimension

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 The developers of advanced visualization applications are providing technologies for the visualization of images to achieve efficiencies that will meet the demands of an ever-larger volume of image data both in number of procedures and data. At RSNA, look for streamlined, more integrated thin-client solutions.

3mensio Medical Imaging (Booth 5750) is featuring demonstrations of 3viseon 3D imaging software and its 3viseon Imaging Workstation for radiologists.

The 3viseon 3D imaging software, as well as its 3viseon Imaging Workstation, displays CT and MRI datasets as 3D reconstructions using PC technology. The 3D imaging software can be integrated into existing PACS applications.

The firm also offers a Stereoscopy configuration, using StereoMirror display technology from Planar Systems. The workstation also has an optional vascular package for analysis of CT angiography or MR angiography exams.

Aycan Medical Systems (Booth 6903) is introducing its aycan workstation OsiriX Pro.

The FDA-cleared aycan workstation OsiriX Pro offers a 2D viewer, 3D viewer, 4D viewer, and a 5D viewer. The 3D viewer offers multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), surface rendering, volume rendering, and maximum intensity projection (MIP). All modes support 4D data and are able to produce image fusion between two different series.

  Barco: Voxar 3D Enterprise

Barco (Booth 4714) is showcasing its Voxar 3D Enterprise capabilities; the latest release of Voxar 3D advanced visualization suite; and custom solution capabilities.

The Voxar 3D suite 6.3 has a set of integrated clinical applications, including Voxar 3D ColonMetrix for CT colonography and Voxar 3D PET/CT Fusion.

Voxar 3D ColonMetrix provides graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated automatic centerline finding. An integrated gravity function keeps the camera position aligned with the scanner table.

Voxar 3D PET/CT Fusion supports the interpretation and real-time interaction of whole-body PET/CT images. In addition, it provides automated workflow for hotspot triangulation and calculation and display of standardized uptake values.

Both ColonMetrix and PET/CT Fusion feature Live Images “saved-state” functionality that allows users to save a case and return to it to begin reading where they left off.

The Voxar 3D Enterprise solution delivers access to advanced visualization throughout the enterprise by taking advantage of client-server technology and commonly available high-performance GPUs.

The firm says it can provide custom-designed 3D and 4D platforms that can be integrated into a variety of modalities.

Carestream Health (Booth 2513) is demonstrating the 3D processing capabilities of its Kodak Care­stream PACS.

The Carestream PACS platform delivers 2D and 3D capabilities, including MIP, MinIP (minimum intensity projection), MPR, volume rendering, tissue definition and vessel tracking through dynamic streaming capabilities.

The system offers integrated Siemens Medical Solutions’ Fusion7D software for visualization of cancerous tumors and lesions. Fusion7D creates a composite image by overlaying image data from PET, CT, SPECT and MR systems for visualization of anatomic and metabolic information.

Cedara Software (Booth 1316) is showcasing new imaging tools as technologies and concepts. Some of these include:
  • Advanced segmentation technology, including libraries for lesion contouring in ultrasound, CT and MRI.
  • Mammography Skinline detection for mammography images and inverse rendering.
  • Image Enhancement offers x-ray workflow improvement with image enhancement, auto-stitching, and shutter detection and removal.
  • Registration technology for clinical packages that require rigid or deformable registration.
  • Cedara ISG is able to serve up 2D and 3D compressed images over the web.
  • A thin-client G6 viewer work in progress that can run on Windows, Linux and Macintosh in standard browsers.

In addition, the company’s custom engineering group is available to discuss its development services.

  Emageon: RadSuite Express 3D imaging tools

Emageon (Booth 8508) is displaying the capabilities of its RadSuite Express, the result of a partnership with Dell.

RadSuite Express provides smaller facilities access to the same 3D imaging tools used by specialists in large facilities.

Exxim Computing (Booth 8931) is displaying COBRA 6.0, its Cone Beam Reconstruction software.

Exxim has ported part of its algorithm onto the NVidia GeForce8800GTX