Barco rolls out advanced visualization development framework
Barco of Kortrijk, Belgium, demonstrated its solution to provide advanced visualization reading tools that support the same mouse controls and the same interface look and feel as clinicians’ existing PACS products at the 93rd annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference in Chicago last month.

Barco noted that clinicians don’t want to move from their familiar PACS interface to an alien environment when starting a 3D or 4D application. The company reported that it started developing a new technical and architectural solution in 2005 that fully addressed the underlying technical challenges associated with rapid product development.

The result was an entirely new software development framework specifically designed to support very rapid production of clinical tools. Barco said it can prototype and develop new clinical applications in weeks—not months. The development flexibility allows the company’s partners to actively engage in the process of designing clinical applications that directly meet the needs of their clinical customers.

The company said its new platform has a very robust underlying technical architecture that allows it to deliver high-speed thin-client access to 3D or 4D applications as a standard, even for very large datasets.