Brain MRI gets star treatment in TV documentary series

The new National Geographic Channel series “Breakthrough” includes a segment titled “Decoding the Brain” that spotlights the wonders of MRI.

The segment features the work of John Schenck, MD, PhD, who has been working at GE Global Research in Niskayuna, N.Y., for half a century.

In a local TV news report promoting the show, Schenck jokes that he and colleagues have come a long way since taking the world’s “first brain selfie” three decades ago.

“After 50 years at GE, he's still there, on the cutting edge of innovation,” reports Albany’s Channel 13, adding that Schenck’s current work “may change the way the medical industry look[s] at depression.”

Click here for the brief news report and here for Nat Geo’s interactive “Decoding the Brain” site.