EDDA highlights CAD, advanced viz products for liver, chest
EDDA Technology showcased several solutions to assist physicians with medical imaging and analysis, including lesion specific enhancement and evaluation, volumetric segmentation and quantification, 3D visualization and quantitative analysis at the annual meeting of Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) last week in Chicago.

IQQA-Chest provides computer-aided detection (CAD) for small lung nodules from digital chest x-ray. According to the company, IQQA-Chest could improve physician detection of small nodules, as well as reduce inter-observer variation.

IQQA-Chest is approved by both the FDA and China SFDA, as well as carries a CE mark for the European market.

IQQA-Liver is designed for applications of contrast multi-detector CT (MDCT) for liver evaluation and treatment planning. EDDA said that it provides a toolset for real-time 3D/4D evaluation and volumetric quantification of liver, liver lobes and segments, hepatic lesions and vascular data. The software could be used in diagnosis and pre-operative assessment in liver transplantation and resection.

Physicians also may interactively adjust computer analysis results in real time, the company spokespeople said.

IQQA-Liver is approved by both the FDA and China SFDA.