IsoRay hires new VP of business development for sales
IsoRay, a medical radioisotope technology company that develops compounds for prostate and other diseases, has hired Anthony G. Pasqualone as vice president (VP) of business development in charge of sales for its operating subsidiary.

Pasqualone was U.S. sales manager at Theragenics in 1989, where he helped develop market acceptance of Pd-103. Also, he brought the first stranded product to market while working at Oncura (Amersham) in 1995, according to the Richland, Wash.-based IsoRay.

Recently, he was a principal and served as VP of sales at SourceTech Medical, which developed and introduced SeedLink to the brachytherapy market in 2003. IsoRay said that SourceTech was later purchased by Bard Urology, where he was a VP of strategic markets.

Proxcelan (Cesium-131) is available at 99 medical centers and clinics across the United States and is a product of IsoRay.