NeuIsys to deploy Barco virtual colonoscopy tool in U.S. private practices
SEATTLE—Barco has formed a strategic alliance with NeuIsys Imaging Systems Solutions in Greensboro, N.C., which will address the gastrointestinal market for virtual colonoscopy using Barco’s advanced visualization software, Voxar 3D ColonMetrix, and NeuIsys’s in-office CT systems.

NeuIsys is an exclusive distributor of Neusoft Medical Systems.

The Voxar 3D is designed to be integrated into any PACS environment, Aidan Wellington, product marketing manager for Barco told Health Imaging News.  “We have patented technology, called Live Image technology, which allows a radiologist to save their work at any stage in the PACS, and also restore at any time. Those live images can also be sent to anyone else on the network, who can retrieve the saved case and begin working where the previous physician left off.”

In order to increase workflow, “the Voxar 3D can load 2,000 slices in 13 seconds. We focus on the clinical functionality that the radiology needs on a daily basis, like MPR 3D and MIP. We can also add options for vessel analysis, 3D VesselMetrix, cardiac CT analysis with CardioMetrix, and CT colonography with ColonMetrix,” Wellington said.

For the agreement with NeuIsys, a private physician modality vendor, “we are providing them with the CT colonography solution and Voxar 3D ColonMetrix,” he noted.

The Voxar 3D ColonMetrix allows for image analysis through lumen tracking, which provides visualization of the entire colon with one-click bookmarking, allowing the user to return to a lesion and utilize its 3D and 2D measurement tools. The ColonMetrix also has multiple reading paradigms—2D review, 3D endoluminal review and a dissected view, according to Wellington.

The solution also has GPU accelerated 3D fly-through navigation with gravity, synchronized 3D and 3D review of prone and supine images, auto-measuring distance from the anus, as well as transparent DCBE 3D map of the entire colon, Wellington said.

In private doctors’ offices and medical clinics across the United States, NeuIsys and Barco together will offer a virtual colonoscopy.

The agreement is set to commence immediately and will be distributed through Barco’s network of regional North American sales representatives and NeuIsys’s sales territories with associated service pods.