Partnerships: CDW & Barco, Hitachi & Fuji
CDW Healthcare has signed an agreement with Barco to build and distribute integrated medical imaging solutions based upon Barco medical displays, Barco advanced visualization software solutions and workstations from HP and IBM. This product package provides advanced visualization and analysis of CT, MR and PET images and will be available for the first time to a Barco distribution partner through CDW Healthcare.

“CDW Healthcare is in a unique position to focus the depth of its market knowledge on delivering innovative and tailored solutions by leveraging the strengths of world class partners like Barco, HP and IBM,” said Bob Rossi, general manager for CDW Healthcare.  “We are excited to have created a unique PACS offering that provides our customers with a convenient, yet customizable, end-to-end approach that satisfies their imaging requirements.”

The integrated package bundles Barco’s Coronis and Nio lines of diagnostic imaging displays, Barco’s advanced visualization software for 3D viewing of CT, MR and PET images and workstations from HP and IBM.  Barco’s advanced visualization software enables diagnosticians to manipulate medical images – such as a cranial CT scan – along its x, y and z axis, providing them with a fully three-dimensional view of the subject.  Healthcare IT staff can readily customize the workstation configuration to the specific use and specifications that they require.  In addition to the unique imaging package, CDW Healthcare also will offer Barco’s Nio and Coronis LCD display lines.  These display systems range from two to five megapixels and display images in full color and grayscale.

Hitachi Data Systems has been selected by FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, to provide a range of advanced storage solutions for Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS customers. Hitachi Data Systems’ fully scalable tiered storage solutions enable clinical users to store, retrieve, distribute and present clinical images and related data quickly in a secure and efficient manner.