Siemens updates preclinical imaging workplace
Siemens Healthcare Molecular Imaging will unveil its Inveon Research Workplace (IRW) 4.0, the newest version of its image visualization and analysis software package for preclinical imaging applications, particularly for small animal imaging, at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) 2011, Sept. 7-10 in San Diego.

Siemens also will launch its new Inveon Viewer software, which enables collaboration and consistency in quantitative analysis. Additionally, Siemens will announce a compatibility agreement with third-party software providers PMOD Technologies and Ottawa Heart Institute.

With the Application Programmable Extension Toolkit (APEx Toolkit) interface within IRW 4.0, researchers can create and save customized equations for performing digital image manipulations and automated region of interest calculations as well as create segmentation algorithms that can be shared with other users, according to the company. IRW 4.0 allows users to perform new applications, including digital subtraction angiography and ejection fraction calculations.

The agreement allows the compatibility of Siemens’ IRW 4.0 with two third-party software packages: the PMOD kinetic analysis software package from PMOD Technologies of Zurich; and FlowQuant, a software package for cardiac analysis from University of Ottawa Heart Institute.