TeraRecon reshuffles executives
Health IT corporation TeraRecon has appointed Tiecheng Zhao, PhD, as chief technology officer and VP of engineering while promoting Jeffrey Sorenson to senior VP of the company.

Zhao, who created TeraRecon’s Volume ProNet, a network-based volume rendering server for CT and MRI, served as chief architect of the program’s successors, AquariusNet and iNtuition. Zhao has previously served as TeraRecon’s VP of engineering and will replace the company’s co-founder, Motoaki Saito, MD, PhD, in his role as chief technology officer.

Sorenson has worked in TeraRecon sales and development since 2004, establishing various business partnerships and relationships for the company. Both Sorenson and Zhao received unanimous approval from the corporation’s board of directors.

TeraRecon produces programs for image processing, clinical decision support and 3D visualization techniques and is headquartered in Forest City, Calif.