Traxtal launches image guidance software
Traxtal showcased PercuNav 2.0 software for its PercuNav system at the 94th scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

The Toronto-based company said its PercuNav system is the only computer-assisted, image-guided diagnostic and interventional system cleared by the FDA for all imaging modalities. It features flexible and rigid “tip-tracked” instruments, Traxtal added.

Neil Glossop, PhD, Traxtal’s president, said the company’s intent with the system is to “combine all available imaging data with real time tracking of the tips of flexible instruments on one screen, to allow the physician to accurately target and navigate directly to areas of interest.”
The PercuNav system consists of the Traxtal Tx mobile system cart, PercuNav software, and a range of instruments including flexible needles, biopsy devices and RFA introducers. Using minute electro-magnetic sensors embedded in the tips of the instruments, the software superimposes the real-time location and orientation of the instruments on pre-operative and live images of the patient. Acting like a GPS system for medical instruments, it also incorporates techniques for compensating for patient motion and respiration and allows accurate tracking of flexible instrument tips inside a patient's anatomy, the company said.

Traxtal said it will begin to ship PercuNav systems with the 2.0 software in the first quarter of 2009.