Volcano adds rotational IVUS, FFR to s5i imaging platform
Volcano, a developer of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), functional measurement and optical coherence tomography products for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary and peripheral vascular disease, has launched its s5-Revo and s5-fractional flow reserve (FFR) options for the s5i integrated imaging platform in the United States and Europe.

The two new product options enable rotational IVUS and FFR to operate on the same integrated Volcano s5i Integrated Imaging System as Volcano’s previous line of phased array IVUS catheters and functionality, the San Diego-based company said. Physicians can now choose among three diagnostic tools on the same integrated IVUS platform, Volcano said. 

“By adding high resolution rotational IVUS and pressure-based FFR to our already highly successful phased array s5 imaging platform, we will be providing a level of technology, clinical utility and convenience that is un-matched in the intravascular imaging field,” said Scott Huennekens, president and CEO of Volcano.

Volcano said its s5i can now accommodate the three intravascular diagnostic tools in regular use by cardiologists (high frequency rotational IVUS, phased array IVUS and pressure-based FFR guidewires) on a single platform.