Health Canada approves GE’s cardiac spectral CT

Health Canada has cleared GE Healthcare’s cardiac imaging platform, the Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Edition.

Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Edition includes Motion FREEdom, with motion correction via SnapShot Freeze; Calcium FREEdom, with coronary visualization using Gemstone Spectral Imaging (GSI) Cardiac; and Horizon FREE opportunities, with plaque material composition assessment and information for perfusion calculations.

SnapShot Freeze detects vessel motion and velocity to determine vessel position and correct the effects of motion during cardiac CT exams, according to Waukesha, Wis.-based GE.

The Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Edition merges GE’s SnapShotPulse technology with GSI’s kV switching allowing for a registered spectral CT dataset. Spectral CT creates images of quantitative material density, which can then be synthesized into monochromatic energies. Calcium FREEdom allows coronary images with calcium suppression for patients with high calcium burden.