AACVPR launches first cardiac rehab care registry
The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) has developed an Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry that will provide benchmarking data to national cardiac rehabilitation programs with the goal of enhancing quality of life in cardiac patients and positively impacting mortality.

The first of its kind registry is set to launch in June 2012. The web-based registry will give subscribers access to quality data so they can see how their own clinical, behaviorial and health outcomes compare to other programs.

An application programming interface will allow rehabilitation programs with existing health IT systems to securely send data to the registry. Those using paper-based systems will use a graphical user interface (GUI). The platform is being developed by Cissec, a Canadian-based software firm.

“The AACVPR Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry will give programs an efficient means to track, document, and communicate patient outcomes and program performance,” said Steven Lichtman, AACVPR president. “We are pleased to be offering this valuable new tool to the cardiac rehabilitation community.”

AACVPR will highlight the registry at the AACVPR annual meeting in Anaheim, Calif., Sept. 8-10. More information about the registry is available here.