AAMI to co-sponsor IHE initiative
The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) will co-sponsor the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’s Patient Care Devices domain (IHE-PCD). AAMI’s joining the roster of IHE-PCD sponsors signals the growing interest of the association’s membership in interoperability and IT.

The IHE-PCD also is sponsored by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE).

“AAMI, as the foremost organization of point-of-care device manufacturers and users, is in the best position to educate these parties about the needs, processes, and benefits of interoperable communications,” Manny Furst, AAMI's technical project manager for the IHE PCD, said in a statement.

Because the time it takes to bring regulated devices to market can be lengthy, AAMI can help the IHE “recruit manufacturers and users for PCD working groups to set priorities and speed the development of technical documents and frameworks,” Furst added.

HIMSS is pleased to “welcome AAMI as a co-sponsor of the IHE-PCD domain,” said Joyce Sensmeier, vice president of informatics at HIMSS. “We look forward to working with AAMI to explore new avenues for advancing interoperable solutions for patient-care devices as they connect to electronic health record systems.”

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