AAMI releases new device-related, adverse-event terminology
To help report device-related adverse events with greater accuracy and consistency, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has put together a glossary of terms and posted it for free on its website.

AAMI’s clinical engineering management committee built the resource to “help end confusion about terms that have multiple meanings and definitions,” according to an AAMI statement, which also named “better research and data on problems surrounding certain devices” as an aim of the initiative.

“By improving communication, we could help to move toward better device safety,” said Yadin David, director of Biomedical Engineering Consultants in Houston and chair of the subcommittee that created the glossary.

The glossary offers definitions of 400 or so terms collected from the FDA, the ECRI Institute and the International Organization for Standardization, along with Global Medical Device Nomenclature and the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus.

AAMI said a panel of outside experts and the FDA reviewed the terms and offered feedback.

Click here to browse the glossary.