ABLE released a new version of 3D-DOCTOR
ABLE Software has released a new version of 3D-DOCTOR, the vector-based 3D imaging, modeling and measurement software for CT, MRI, microscopy and volumetric images, the company said.

 In this new version, an interactive 3D image registration function is implemented to register images of different modalities, such as CT, MRI and PET. The registration function displays both the source and the target image in 3D and interactively adjusts (rotate, move and stretch) the source image until it fits the target the image. A control point based registration function is also available for multi-modality 3D image registration and fusion.

 The 3D surface modeling algorithm has been enhanced to provide faster rendering and generate high quality 3D mesh models from CT/MRI scans. 3D models are used for 3D measurement, volume calculation, surgical and treatment planning, surgical simulation, and 3D rapid prototyping applications.

 A new animation function is implemented to create movies and 3D simulations from 3D rendering. The tissue display properties can be set as transparent, opaque, wire frame or with texture map during the animation. Objects can be moved, scaled, hidden or made visible in the animation process.

 The upgraded volume rendering function creates real-time 3D image visualization. It supports both color and grayscale rendering using either opaque or transparent voxels. The volume rendering uses either the entire image volume, a portion defined by regions of interest (ROI), or a portion defined by the user interactively. Tissues with different density can be included or excluded in the rendering by changing their opacity property.