ACR develops modular MRI accreditation program
The American College of Radiology (ACR) said it is developing a modular MRI accreditation program. Facilities will have six modules to choose from, so they can match their accreditation to their practice on each magnet, according to the Reston, Va.-based ACR.

The modules for MR Accreditation are: MR Body; MR Head; MR Angiography (MRA); MR Spine; MR Musculoskeletal; and MR Cardiac. Breast MR, which is currently also under development, was specifically excluded from this modular concept because it fits better within the framework of the other breast imaging accreditation programs, the ACR said.

Accreditation for MRI through the ACR requires the submission of both clinical and phantom data from each magnet submitted for accreditation. As with the current program, modular MRI will require that every magnet at a facility must pass the accreditation criteria before the facility is accredited.

The program will offer a list of both routine and specialty examinations for clinical review. Specific examination selection, including a minimum and maximum number of required examinations, will depend upon the number of modules (from a facility) being evaluated for accreditation at the same time.