AFC introduced single-tier Banana Corner Desk Cart
AFC Industries introduced its new single-tier Banana Corner Desk Cart at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. It features a curved work surface and ergonomic design created to maximize accessible work area and minimize footprint, while providing flexible, streamlined height adjustment. A swing-lift keyboard tray adds even greater flexibility.

The cart’s work surface can easily be adjusted up and down, allowing easy movement from a sitting to a standing work position and accommodating a wide range of individual preferences.  It also allows multiple users to comfortably share the same workstation by adjusting it to their own optimal body positioning. In addition, the cart’s built in swing-lift tray can accommodate a keyboard.

With a range of colors, finishes and widths available, the cart also can accommodate any room layout and design aesthetic. Today, when room space is often a major concern, the unique curved shape makes the most of available assets.

The banana shape joins a large selection of work surfaces layouts that accommodate varied ergonomic considerations and user preferences. These range from AFC’s Deep Ergonomic surface with a significant angled indent to the Soft Ergonomic top with a slight concave curve to the unique ErgoHex with Cutout, which features a hexagonal table top and a rectangular indentation for seating.