Agfa debuts Clinical Applications, partners with Amirsys
Agfa HealthCare introduced its Impax Clinical Applications for the U.S. market at the 2008 Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Seattle. In addition, the company announced a collaborative partnership with Amirsys, developer of the STATdx radiologist decision support system.

The Clinical Applications suite delivers point-of-care access to applications such as Registration-Fusion, X-Ray Angio Analysis, and OrthoGon, the company’s advanced orthopedic measurement tools, according to Lenny Reznik, Agfa’s director of enterprise image and information systems.

Impax Clinical Applications offers a tighter and more reliable integration in Agfa’s PACS than what is typically available with third-party integrations, he noted. The advantages include a single log-on, a single solution and access to Agfa service and support.

 “Healthcare providers have been feeling the pressure to provide higher quality, faster service, better outcomes and increased customer satisfaction,” Reznik said. “Advanced workflow IT solutions such as Impax Clinical Applications integrate into their environments to help them reach those goals. Because of this tight integration, radiologists become more efficient.”

Among the applications to which Agfa’s Impax Clinical Applications offers point-of-care access are:
  • Registration-Fusion, a module that provides radiologists with an automated set of tools for comparing the various images they get from disparate sources. Comparisons are accomplished in an automated application with a single mouse click;
  • X-Ray Angio Analysis, a comprehensive package for reviewing vendor independent DICOM x-ray angiography and radio fluoroscopy diagnostic images in the radiology domain; it also performs digital subtractions and quantitative analysis of lesions and morphologies and stores results in Impax;
  • OrthoGon, an advanced measurement tool for orthopedic specialists, pediatricians and radiologists that automatically compares results, reduces measurement variability, produces complete, high-quality reports and saves unaltered images and measurement values in the PACS archive.
Agfa also reported that it has integrated Amirsys’ STATdx radiologist decision support system with its Impax PACS, as the result of partnership collaboration between the companies.

STATdx is designed to support the practicing radiologist by increasing speed and diagnostic confidence in complex cases through the provision of point-of-care diagnostic decision support. The product also assists orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, women’s health centers and emergency departments with expert anatomical and diagnostic information, according to Amirsys.

By integrating STATdx with Impax, Agfa said workflow is streamlined by reducing the time required to research and complete a difficult imaging analysis. In addition, STATdx automatically saves a diagnostic summary of the information. When it is used with other Impax integrated desktop information products—including RIS, 3D visualization, reporting, critical value notification and a desktop portal to patient information outside of the imaging department—the interpreting clinician has all the tools needed to quickly provide diagnostic information, Agfa said.