Agfa teams with Median for CT oncology application
CHICAGO—Agfa HealthCare has announced the integration of Median Technologies' Lesion Management Solutions (LMS), which provides advanced clinical applications for CT oncology, directly on the Impax desktop at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) this week.

Median's oncology solutions LMS-Lung and LMS-Liver are clinical applications designed to detect, evaluate and follow lesions identified in CT scans, providing 3D segmentation of lung and liver lesions, automatically calculates measurements and generates reports, Agfa said. Integration of the LMS-Lung and LMS-Liver solutions with Agfa’s Impax PACS provides access to the application on the radiologists' desktop on a hospital enterprise.  

While using the LMS-Lung or LMS-Liver solutions, the companies said that radiologists can retrieve previous exams for follow-up studies and transmit reports to oncologists and other referring physicians.