Americans look to preventive remedies for healthcare challenges, according to poll
Consumers overwhelmingly believe that greater emphasis on prevention is a solution to the United States’ healthcare challenges, according to a poll conducted in July by International Communications Research and commissioned by U.S. Preventive Medicine.

The surveyed represent a nationally representative sample of adults 18 years or older.

Overall, 68.6 percent of those surveyed believed there needs to be a greater national emphasis on preventive health services. The survey found that 50.2 percent of respondents said they knew of an instance where taking preventive health measures might have avoided a major illness for themselves, their family or friends.

While 81 percent of respondents said their insurance covered advanced preventive health measures, such as a mammogram and colonoscopy, only 55.6 percent said they always take advantage of these benefits. Yet, 78.8 percent said that could be remedied if a specific prevention health benefit was part of their overall health insurance.