AMIC to produce isotopes in North America
AMIC to begin producing medical isotopes. Source: Idaho National Laboratory  
Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (AMIC) has installed a compact linear accelerator designed specifically for the production of medical isotopes used in PET imaging, as well as many other important diagnostic and therapeutic medical isotopes, at its Kennewick, Wash.-based production facility.

The Pulsar Isotope Production system from AccSys Technology sets a new standard for production of PET and other isotopes using proton beams in North America, according to AMIC. It is a more compact and reliable alternative to cyclotrons, incorporating proven compact accelerator technology integrated with high production yield targets and advanced chemistry process units, according the Pleasanton, Calif.-based AccSys.

Production will commence within the next several weeks, with plans for additional production facilities scheduled in the coming months, said AMIC.

"Our goal is to empower physicians, medical researchers, and biotechnology companies by providing them with essential medical isotopes that heretofore have not been feasible or economical, in an effort to detect and cure human disease," said William J. Stokes, CEO of AMIC. "With this compact linear accelerator, the first of its kind in North America designed specifically for the production of PET isotopes such as Fluorine-18, Nitrogen-13, Carbon-11, and Oxygen-15, our team will also be able to produce other highly desired, longer lived isotopes including Actinium-225, Iodine-123 and Indium-111 for diagnostic as well as therapeutic applications."