Aperio unveils new digital IHC system
Aperio Technologies has launched an FDA cleared digital immunohistochemistry (IHC) system that allows pathologists to run quantitative IHC image analysis while reading slides on a computer monitor.

The Vista, Calif.-based company said that the digital IHC system includes FDA-cleared algorithms for HER2, ER and PR stained breast specimens for diagnosing digital slides for clinical use in pathology. Also, the system comes with a suite of image analysis algorithms that can be tuned for different tissue types (e.g. breast, colon, prostate), stains (e.g. HER2, ER, PR, Ki-67, P53, EGFR), reagents (e.g. Dako, Ventana) or to correlate algorithm results with other test methods (e.g. FISH, CISH).