Array debuts new DICOM-compliant CD burner
Array Corp. USA has unveiled a DICOM 3.0-compliant CD burner option for its Array 2905 laser film digitizer.

The new FilmX CD Cam5i system, manufactured by Sorna Corp., of Rosemount, Minn., is bundled with the Array Viewer and image handling tools. Equipped with network server software, the CD burner receives DICOM files from the film digitizer and transfers these files according to DICOM Exchange standards for automatic burning onto one or more CDs. If a study exceeds the capacity of a single disc, the system automatically creates and labels the additional CDs required without any user intervention.

The company says the CD burner option is suited for light duty use by radiology imaging centers, hospital radiology departments, outpatient clinics, orthopedic, ob/gyn and sports medicine practices.