ASRT, RAD-AID International launch partnership
The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) has partnered with RAD-AID International to recruit radiologic technologists for volunteer opportunities in developing countries.

As an official RAD-AID partner, the ASRT and the ASRT Education and Research Foundation will educate radiologic technologists about opportunities to provide medical imaging and radiation therapy services in developing countries. In addition, the organizations will assist RAD-AID with securing corporate support for international projects.

RAD-AID is an international nonprofit organization committed to assisting developing countries in implementing and optimizing radiology and health imaging services while improving the role of radiology in global public health initiatives.

RAD-AID works in a number of areas to provide support in developing countries. For example, the organization runs training programs so that individuals can learn how to perform and interpret medical imaging to make patient care decisions. Additionally, they also provide training so that healthcare professionals in developing countries can start their own health clinics and grow programs to better serve the healthcare needs of their communities.