Barco buying Voxar
Barco on Wednesday announced that it has signed a $47.2 million agreement to acquire Voxar Inc., the Edinburgh, Scotland-based provider of 3D medical imaging software.

The acquisition of Voxar will enable Barco to offer PACS and modality vendors advanced medical display systems with integrated 3D clinical applications software, such as Voxar 3D and Voxar Colonscreen, Barco said.

"Voxar's portfolio of 3D clinical software systems makes up a very complementary extension to Barco's current product range of high-grade display systems for PACS and modality imaging domains, such as CT, MRI, PET and ultrasound," said Piet Candeel, vice president, Barco Medical Imaging Systems.

"This acquisition will open up new sales and business opportunities," Candeel added. "We will be able to cross-sell to the customers we have in common, including the major players in the global PACS market."

Voxar will be fully integrated into Barco's Medical Imaging business unit. All of Voxar's 80 associates, including the current management team, will join the new company structure, according to Barco. Voxar CEO Andrew Bissell will be appointed to global Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of Barco Medical Imaging Systems.

"Joining Barco is a significant step forward for Voxar and enables us to substantially advance our vision of ensuring that Voxar 3D software is available on every clinical screen, worldwide," Bissell said. "Our combined technologies address doctors' needs for advanced 3D clinical applications integrated right into the heart of their PACS workstations and the demand for high-quality display of large medical scans with real-time 3D navigation and orientation."