Barco debuts new price-conscious 3MP color display
Barco used the SIIM 2007 meeting in Providence, R.I., June 7-10, to springboard a new, cost-effective color display system. The Nio Color 3MP offers Integrated Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) technology that ensures fast power-up and continuously stabilizes the luminance output of the LCD’s backlight, which improves the overall consistency of the displays. The system comes with an integrated protective front cover and non-reflective coating.

The Nio Color 3MP is driven by a high-performance display controller that supports 3D PACS applications with 30-bit color precision. The PCI Express controller delivers high image download speeds and optimized 3D operations through OpenGL and Microsoft DirectX. As a result, the Nio Color 3MP is ready for the latest 3D CT, MR and PET applications. The system also comes with Barco’s softcopy QA solution ‘MediCal QAWeb’.