Barco flat display integrated with ZONARE's system
Barco has recently been chosen to develop and manufacture a custom 13" flat-panel display for ZONARE for its ultrasound-platform for use in obstetrics, gynecology, vascular and other emerging ultrasound applications.
Barco will use its I-GUARD technology in the ultrasound display. The technology is designed to continually guard and adjust the luminance output of the diagnostic viewing area. The monitors also include a compact, front-mounted sensor programmed to 'see what users see' to guarantee image quality, Barco said.

ZONARE's new platform, being integrated with the new monitors, features a new architecture which provides the first of what ZONARE calls a 'Convertible Ultrasound' platform to the industry. The design lets clinicians quickly convert the platform from a full-featured cart system into a compact, portable system with all the quality and performance of substantially larger and more expensive ultrasound units, yet, with significantly higher performance than previous compact systems. Shipments began early this year.