Barco wins $2M R&D grant
Barco, a Belgium-based medical imaging software company, has received a $2 million U.S. (£1 million) research and development (R&D) grant for technology development.

The project, backed by Scottish Enterprise, will be used to help Barco researchers in its Edinburgh, Scotland, facility develop technology for heart disease and cancer treatment.

The company said it will employ a team of more than 30 engineers and clinicians for their larger $10.3 million U.S. (£5 million) project in its expanded Edinburgh facility. The new facility was formed after it acquired Voxar, a spin-off from the University of Edinburgh, in 2004, according to the company. Its Edinburgh facility has become its clinical engineering center within its medical imaging division and currently employs about 80 staff members.

Barco expects that the new R&D project will enable the company to generate an additional $28.8 million U.S. (£14 million) over the next five years.