BioMorph highlights new PACS workstation
Biomorph PACS Furniture featured the release of its Biomorph Flexo Level3 PACS workstation during the 2008 RSNA conference in Chicago earlier this month.

The desk is height-adjustable from 17.5 to 51.5 inches. It has a triple-level telescopic frame that is available with a standard fast crank or optional electric motors with built-in programming: the desk automatically remembers the last upper and lower height settings and returns to them at the touch of a button, softly coming to a stop and gently starting up again when activated.

The keyboard surface is height-adjustable with positive/negative tilt action with a 12-inch range above and below the main surface, the New York City-based BioMorph said.

Stephen Barlow-Lawson, president, told Health Imaging News that the workstation is available at a price point of approximately $1,500, which is “about half of what is currently available in the industry.”